What Benefits are Available to You?

What Benefits are Available to You?

The ultimate goal during the Social Security disability process is to obtain financial assistance. Once you have been approved by Disability Determination Services and the Social Security Administration, you can begin receiving benefits. These monthly payments will begin six months after the date your disability began and will be paid in the month following the month for which they cover. For instance, you will receive your January benefits in the month of February.

While the monthly payments are an essential part of the benefits you receive, there are also other forms of benefits that are available to you and, in certain cases, members of your family. All of the benefits, in addition to other available assistance programs, can help you achieve stability during these unfortunate times. At Shook & Stone, we can help you better understand your benefits by closely evaluating your case and providing you with the information, support and resources you need.

Family Benefits

Many times, the impact of a disability can affect the personal and financial well-being of an entire family. At Shook & Stone, we have seen numerous families affected by the loss of household income and we make it a point to also focus on family benefits during case evaluations. According to the SSA, the following family members may be eligible to receive benefits on your record:

  • Spouse, including divorced spouse
  • Children under the age of 18
  • Disabled children
  • Adult disabled children who were disabled before age 22

Family benefits are an excellent form of assistance for those who are dependent on disabled individuals for financial support. There are many requirements and guidelines that must be met in order for family members to qualify for benefits. These include strict age limits for children, including benefits until the age of 18, or 19 if the child still attends secondary school. You will also need to provide certain information about the family member who you wish to receive benefits. Our knowledgeable attorneys can organize the legal work involved, making sure to fulfill all the necessary procedures and meet the appropriate requirements.

Other Benefits

Depending on the circumstances involved in your claim, you may also be eligible to receive other forms of assistance. Some of these other benefits include:

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
Supplemental Security Income can be extremely beneficial for clients in need. In order to qualify for SSI, you must be over the age of 65, blind or disabled. You must also have little to no income and a limited amount of resources or assets. The requirements are strict, and the benefits from SSI will be adjusted based on whether or not you live alone or if you also receive other benefits.

Medicare is also available after you have received 24 months of benefits. Serious medical conditions and impairments often immediately qualify for Medicare. Medicaid is also a possible benefit for those who are eligible to receive SSI.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
You may also be eligible for assistance through SNAP, which provides low income disabled individuals with food stamp assistance. Our attorneys can determine if you may qualify and can guide you through the separate procedures and application needed to obtain SNAP benefits

Vocational Rehabilitation
In some cases, people may be able to recover from total disabilities or improve their condition. When this is the case, the SSA provides resources and programs that will permit you to test your working abilities while still allowing you to receive cash benefits. This is excellent way of acclimating you back into the working world and to transition you into a job you are capable of handling. Our firm is familiar with the SSA vocational rehabilitation program as well as other local programs you may benefit from.

Throughout the years, we have found that many of our clients are eligible for other forms of assistance in addition to their disability benefits. By providing disabled clients with the information, resources and assistance needed to pursue these other benefits, we have helped countless families obtain additional aid they were previously unaware were available.

Learn More about Your Benefits

If you would like to learn more about your disability benefits or about other forms of assistance, contact Shook & Stone. No matter the nature of your case, our attorneys with 85 years of combined experience can evaluate your situation and determine your eligibility. When you need to work with a firm that genuinely cares about finding all available avenues of support for disabled clients, you need Shook & Stone.

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