Denied SSD Benefits

Denied SSD Benefits

If you or a loved one has been denied for Social Security disability benefits, you are not alone. Strict requirements, a selective Social Security Administration and numerous procedures are responsible for many denials and casualties during the SSD process. In fact, the SSA reports that denial rates for disability benefits are upwards of 80%. These statistics can be intimidating to applicants, but with the experienced and client-focused assistance of Shook & Stone, you can greatly strengthen your claim and your chances of being approved.

Why are claims denied?

There are a variety of reasons why a SSD claim can be denied. According to the Social Security Administration, most denials are the result of the following situations:

  • Insufficient medical documentation
  • Insufficient work credit history
  • Unfamiliarity with SSD process and procedures.

With the help of a qualified attorney from Shook & Stone, you can eliminate many of these errors during your application or appeal. With years of experience with the Social Security program, our attorneys have developed successful strategies that can be used to strengthen your claim. As these cases vary on a personal basis, closely analyzing and evaluating your situation can allow us to develop plans specially tailored to your needs.

Preventing Errors and Strengthening Claims

One of the most important factors in determining your eligibility for benefits will be your medical condition, physical impairment or mental disorder. In order to be eligible, your impairments must prevent you from working for at least one year and must prevent you from finding new work. The most problem applicants encounter during this stage involves the documentation and medical information of your condition. The SSA requires all relevant information related to your impairment, including detailed lists of the health care providers you met with, the dates of your visits and official medical records of the procedures, treatment or care you received. In order to prevent errors and to strengthen the supporting evidence of your disability, our attorneys can assist you in compiling the necessary information and providing you with the support and resources that can clearly present your disability and the ways it limits your ability to work.

The next crucial element of qualifying for disability benefits is your work credit history. As you need a reasonably consistent work history during which you paid taxes, gathering and organizing the necessary information is essential to the success of your claim. As many claims are denied because applicants fail to provide evidence of their work history and tax payments for a certain number of years, our attorneys are focused on finding and collecting the required amount of information the SSA needs. In addition, we will also closely evaluate your work and tax information to ensure that you do have a sufficient amount of work credits, or to determine the best actions to take to gather the necessary evidence.

Perhaps the most common issue that results in a denial of SSD benefits is that of pure unfamiliarity with the SSD process. To put it simply, applying for Social Security Disability can be complex. Full of numerous procedures, deadlines and dates, dense paperwork and seemingly endless forms to be filled out, the process often overwhelms many applicants. When disabilities place physical or mental limitations on individuals, fulfilling these procedures can be nearly impossible. With so much riding on a successful claim, the potential for errors is just too risky. An experienced and knowledgeable attorney from our firm can use their familiarity with Social Security programs to handle you application and ensure that it is as strong as possible.

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At Shook & Stone, we have worked on many Social Security disability claims throughout the years and we are prepared to handle your case swiftly, intelligently and successfully. Highly familiar with the Social Security disability program and in the ways in which claims are approved and denied, an attorney from our firm can prove to be a valuable part of helping you obtain the assistance and benefits you need. If you or a loved one has been denied SSD benefits, contact Shook & Stone today.

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