No Fees Unless We Win

No Fee Unless We Win

Shook & Stone works all Social Security disability cases on a conditional fee agreement. This means that you are charged absolutely nothing up front, and will pay nothing unless your case is successful. If and when you have been awarded Social Security disability, our firm will collect a previously agreed upon amount from your disability award. This amount will cover all attorney fees, as well as any additional costs that were incurred during your case. The way this conditional fee agreement works is simple; if we don't win, you don't pay.

Conditional Fees and SSD

Conditional fee agreements are explicitly outlined in § 206(b) and § 1631 of the Social Security Act. This means that attorney fees will be handled and directly distributed by the court and Social Security Administration. You do not have to worry about paying our firm for our services, as the SSA will calculate and disperse your attorney fees after you have successfully been granted disability benefits.

Once you have been approved for benefits, the Social Security Administration will calculate the amount of back pay you will receive. Back pay will cover any retroactive benefits you are owed from the date you were approved to the date the SSA determined your disability began. All attorney fees will be awarded from your back pay, never from your monthly payments, and there are strict limitations and caps in place by the Social Security Administration.

Why conditional fees?

Aside from allowing the Social Security Administration to handle the payment of attorneys, conditional fees can greatly reduce your financial worries for a number of reasons. By charging you nothing up front, you have no reason to be hesitant about receiving experienced and qualified legal counsel. Our firm uses conditional fees primarily because we want injured victims to have access to the exceptional legal services we can provide, regardless if they are able to afford them at the time or not. We understand that the financial strains you may be facing can be severe, and we want to show our dedication and genuine commitment by providing our services free of up-front charges.

Conditional fee agreements will also not penalize you in the event that your claim is not successful. While we believe in our abilities to successfully resolve your case, we also want to make it clear that our top priority is client satisfaction. In any case, our attorneys have recovered more than $100 million in compensation for our clients since 1997, and you should feel confident in choosing a winning legal team to handle your Social Security disability application or appeal.

Working with Our Firm

The conditional fee agreement is just another example of the personal commitment Shook & Stone provides for our clients. Motivated by a genuine desire to help injured victims, our firm wants to make it known that we are here to help, not to fatten our wallets. Our 85 years of combined experience, extensive legal knowledge and compassion for the financial struggles our clients face has been proven to get results. If you or a loved one is looking for legal representation during your Social Security disability process, contact shook & Stone today.

We're Here to Help No Fees Unless We Win.

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