Have You Been Denied Benefits?

Have You Been Denied Benefits?

If you or a loved one has been denied Social Security disability benefits, you most certainly are not alone. Approval rates during the disability claim process are astonishingly high, with denial rates of more than 80% during the appeals process. An increase in the volume of applications may account for part of these staggering rates, but it is hard to dismiss the fact that many denials are the result of error. Whether made by an applicant or by the Social Security Administration, errors and mistakes can lead to serious consequences for disabled individuals who are qualified and in need of benefits.

The Social Security Administration reports that denials are most commonly the result of insufficient medical documentation, insufficient work information and a general unfamiliarity with the many procedures involved in filing and completing a disability claim. At Shook & Stone we use our 85 years of combined experience and extensive knowledge of Social Security procedures to eliminate errors on your disability application or appeal and to give you the best possibility of obtaining the benefits you need.

Eliminating Errors

Upon first bringing your case to the attention of our firm, whether it is your first disability application or an appeal, we make sure to go over your claim and personal situation with a fine toothed comb. Our close analysis will provide you with a better understanding of how you can make the strongest possible claim. Our insight into the methods used by the SSA and Disability Determination Services can help us focus on the common problems and causes of denials. As a result, your tax information and medical information will be compiled intelligently and presented in a clear and highly focused manner.

Reducing the amount of errors during your claim process is essential to achieving a successful outcome, but we also know that complications can arise within the system itself. This is why we are diligent about charting the progress of your claim, keeping you updated trough every step and handling any complications or disputes that arise. In fact, our confidence in using our experience, legal knowledge and dedication in helping you become approved is why we use of the conditional fee agreement. Our goal with condition fees is to alleviate your current financial worries and earn your confidence and trust in our abilities to fight for you.

Experienced and Client-Focused Assistance

While our attorneys are confident in their abilities to swiftly, smoothly and successfully resolve your disability claim, we also make it a point to work closely with you throughout every step of the process. By ensuring that you are well-informed about the procedures and legal actions involved, you can become better equipped for handling any situations that may arise. Our services are designed not only to help you navigate through this difficult process, but also to help you understand how it works and what else you can do to obtain the benefits that can improve your life.

What we do for our injured clients extends far beyond helping you fill out paperwork. Our attorneys all make it a point to work closely with you and your family so that we can understand the struggles you face and have a clear understanding of what you wish to accomplish. This means we work toward your goals while also providing you with the support and resources to make them a reality, even if it extends beyond Social Security disability. Highly familiar with other forms of benefits, our legal team can assess your case and make professional suggestions of other benefits for which you may be eligible, including Medicare or Medicaid and Supplemental Security Income. At Shook & Stone, we want your case to be successful, and we know that comes as a result of our desire to help you reach stability.

Shook & Stone is Here to Help

Denials are commonplace in the Social Security disability process, and we want to encourage all applicants to not get discouraged. With the help of an experienced and patient attorney from our firm, you can improve the strength of you claim and the strength of the supporting evidence of your disability. At Shook & Stone, we understand how truly beneficial disability assistance can be for those in need, and we work diligently, intelligently and swiftly to help you obtain them.

With more than $100 million in compensation recovered for clients since 1997, you should be confident that we have the abilities and the genuine desire to help your claim be successful. As we also offer free case evaluations and work only on conditional fees, you should also have no financial worries or hesitancy about reaching out to our firm for help. If you would like to discuss your denial and how we can be of assistance, contact Shook & Stone today.

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