Do I Need An Attorney?

Do I Need An Attorney?

The Benefit of Legal Representation for SSD Claims

The truth is, you are not required to hire an attorney when filing for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits. This is because it is an area of administrative law. Anyone who wishes to file for benefits can visit a Social Security Administration (SSA) office and fill out an application without attorney representation. Should you choose to enlist the help of someone when filing for SSD benefits, that individual does not have to be an attorney or even a licensed professional. What then is the benefit of seeking legal representation? Shook & Stone is extremely familiar with these types of cases, and can provide you with unique benefits that other representatives and licensed professionals cannot when it comes to the SSD process.

First of all, Shook & Stone can assist in the initial filing process. Our firm understands that any mistake or minor error on the application process can result in delays in the approval process, and can even contribute to a claim being denied. Nearly 70 percent of people are denied and many of these people wish to appeal their denied applications. If you find yourself unrepresented at a hearing, you run a significant risk of not receiving your deserved benefits.

Social Security disability is also a highly complex area of the law. SSD benefits hinge on the proper interpretation of federal codes as well as federal case law. Simply put, the further one delves into the SSD process, the more intricate it will likely become. Attorneys are trained and licensed in proper interpretation and application of the law, unlike other types of representatives. Shook & Stone truly believes that attorneys do the best job of representing people through the SSD process.

Another benefit of hiring an attorney rather than another type of representative for your SSD claim is that only a lawyer can go beyond the administrative hearing level, if this is necessary. While non-attorneys can handle cases before an administrative law judge (ALJ), they cannot appeal a claim in Federal District Court and therefore a case cannot go beyond a certain level of appeal. Our attorneys are intimately familiar with the appeals process. Shook & Stone can handle your case at any four of the possible levels of appeal.

Generally, the four levels of appeal include:

  • Reconsideration
  • ALJ Hearing
  • Appeals Council Review
  • Federal Court Review

What does it cost to hire a lawyer from Shook & Stone?

The attorneys at Shook & Stone are paid by statute. This means that federal law dictates what the firm can get paid for helping someone through the SSD process. The major benefit for clients is that attorney fees for disability representation are capped at a certain amount. You can be confident in the fact that you will never be charged too much if you choose to be represented by an attorney for your Social Security claim. To discuss in further detail what these caps are, please call and speak with our firm directly about your case.

The Sacramento Social Security disability lawyers at Shook & Stone have years of experience and the field and can prove to be an immense benefit to you. The representation you choose for your SSD case can directly affect the success or failure of your claim. Our firm knows this, and can assist you through the process with knowledge and experience that only an attorney would possess. Overall, our firm has secured millions of dollars for our clients. Let us help you achieve the benefits that you deserve. To learn more, please do not hesitate to call and speak with our firm today!

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